Eclipse Choreographer

Christopher ‘Eclipse’ Brown

Started, as a dancer then naturally grew into a choreographer. Later became a creative director for celebrities on stage. He then began channeling that same vision in creating awesome event spaces. Worked at the very top of the industry creating shows and events that no one has ever seen or conceptualized.

A few of Eclipse’s professional experiences are:

  • Artistic Director/Choreographer- American Music Awards JAY-Z
  • Event Director Dr. Utley Rap and Religion Los Angeles Book
  • Artistic Director/Choreographer Dick Clark Productions
  • Event Director 40th Anniversary Fundraiser Event “Women with Breast Cancer”
  • Assistant Choreographer Grammy Awards-Kanye West
  • Event Director The Wig Extravaganza Party Bel Air Hotel
  • Artistic Director BET Awards-Busta Rhymes
  • Choreographer Jamie Kennedy Show

Current Specialties: Conceptualizing and Directing shows and events.