Corlanie Botha the “HipHop Queen” of South Africa

Dancing is Corlanie passion, she believes in being result orientated, having high standards and always being professional. Corlanie is the owner of Pulse Dance studio and works with over 250 dancers every year.


Corlanie’s dancers have won GOLD at the SA Championships of Performing Arts 4 years in a row: 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.
The teams have gone on to win GOLD at the World Championships (WCOPA) 3 years in a row: 2015, 2016 and 2017, where they also were awarded scholarships to Millennium Dance Complex in L.A. (Hollywood USA).

In 2015 while in L.A. at the Millennium Dance Complex. She met and worked with so many of the choreographers she has now brought out to South Africa.

In 2016, one of her students, Nola (Peter) Poswa, a talented young dancer from Arcadia PTA, won the title of “Grand Champion Senior Dancer of the World”. And Corlanie won the “World Most Outstanding Coach Award 2016”.
Her latest achievement was winning the “World Breakout Choreographer Award 2017” at WCOPA.
Furthermore, in 2017, Corlanie and the POWERinDANCE team were appointed the Abby Lee Dance Company (Dance Moms TV Show) Brand Ambassadors for South Africa.

Other noticeable achievements are:

2015 –
Corlanie took her dancers to dance and learn from Comfort Fedoke (Missy Elliott’s dancer, So You Think You can Dance New Generation and the movie Step Up) when they were in LA. Comfort was amazing with the team and really empowered the team. In addition, Corlanie and some of her team danced with the whole cast of the Step Up Movie series: Alison Stoner (Moose’s girlfriend in the movie), Kathryn McCormick (Step Up Revolution), Mad Chad (Robot guy in Step Up) and Twitch (Step Up Dancer, The Ellen show DJ, So You Think You can Dance).
The team where invited to be part of a flash mob together with “So You Think You Can Dance” judge, dancer and choreographer Alison Holker and some of the cast members from the movie Step Up. This flash mob was aired on the Ellen Degeneres Show.
2016 –
Corlanie’s dancers also made the 2016 SA Got Talent finals on eTV.
Worked with Chris Brown’s Dancer/Choreographer Anze Skrube.
Choreographed the Telkom 94.7 Cycle challenge dancers.
2017 –
Worked with Betty Rox, an LA dancer/choreographer who collaborated with: Rhianna, Jamie Fox, Sean Kingston. She came to share her passion for dancing and dancehall.
To show the level of skill she is teaching – Two of her dancers, Jade Lavarone and Deane Morris auditioned and were selected to dance on stage with Justin Bieber and his Dancers for World Purpose Tour 2017 in Cape Town.
Over the past 3 years – Corlanie has been often on local South African TV shows: Espresso, YoTv, Kyk Net, SABC News, Beeld news paper and many other media platforms.

Currently she is collaborating with choreographer and Artistic Director Christopher Eclipse: Who has worked with Beyonce, Jay Z and the Grammys.

On the cards – Corlanie plans to work with: Tango Leadaz. Pharrell, Omarion.

Corlanie and her dancers are also all about giving back and they work with a number of NPO’s and foundations in South Africa teaching the passion for dance and hip-hop through Corlanie’s development project – Bringing the Power in Dance to everyone and offering alternatives to drugs and life on the streets. There really is Power in Dance.