PowerinDance offers dance training courses and a month in LA (Hollywood) that will give you the chance to become an accredited Dancer. We focus on creating opportunities and platforms for all dancers to work with international and local choreographers, teachers and other aspiring dancers. We do this by offering workshops and classes that are:

  • Accredited SETA training courses that allow aspiring dancers and performers start a career in Dancing or become choreographers.
  • The Credits accumulated through our accredited program can be used to further you education into other careers.
  • Our courses are either offered as separate monthly Modules… or you can sign up for the full 1-year program.
  • During the year, we offer to take students over to Los Angeles (Hollywood USA) for a 30-day dance camp. Here, for an entire month, students will experience what the life of a commercial dancer truly is. Especially relevant is that they will work with internationally renowned choreographers. Furthermore, every day they go to dance studios and work on their skills and routines for 8 hours.

Powerindance - our accredited dance training courses take students to LA (Hollywood) for a month to experience the life of a commercial dancer

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POWERinDANCE’s vision is to give hope and create opportunities for any aspiring talented dancers through dance training courses.

To encourage them to never stop dreaming and to believe that anything is possible, through hard work, passion and dedication.



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